So I was at this show…

Amanda Palmer & Zoe Keating (both amazing performers) at the Metro in Chicago back in December. We’re all waiting for the main act to kick off, when, holy shit!

As he came out, the girl next to me leaned in and asked “who’s Neil Gaiman?” I turned to her and asked if she was kidding. I wasn’t trying to be a dick, I actually thought she was kidding. After the events portrayed in the above video, I recovered enough to give her a coherent answer and tell her she should read some of his stuff as soon as possible.

Except not American Gods, because that one sucked.


~ by oberon the fool on January 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “So I was at this show…”

  1. Yeah, American Gods was probably my least favorite (thus far) of his books. There’s a new one out – Graveyard Game (teen book, I believe) – that’s receiving some good attention. I went to work the next day and told one of my coworkers that we’d seen NEIL GAIMAN! And she was suitably squee over it – as she should have been. :)

  2. Graveyard Game, eh? Sounds cool. That exact phrase came up in my head recently, but I don’t know if it was because I heard about this book or just some random neurons pinging off each other in the darkness.

  3. I goofed. It’s Graveyard BOOK, not game. There’s another author I like, Kage Baker, who wrote one called Graveyard Game. K. So, now that I’ve corrected myself, you can put the right thing on your to-read list. Phew. Crisis averted.

  4. I liked the one thing I read by Kage… I don’t remember what it is, but you probably lent it to me.

  5. Mm. That one thing you read was…Anvil of Worlds? I think. I didn’t lend it to you, and that’s actually one I didn’t like as well as some of her other stuff. I donated my copy to the library. I don’t remember what it’s about (although, I’m sure this is easily remedied…). But the books I did get into were all about this entity called The Company, whose agents were these engineered superhuman scientists who went back/forward in time collecting things to preserve and understand them. Mendoza is one of these and she’s a botanist. They’re like historical science fiction dystopias. I haven’t read the most recent ones. I liked the first one best (Garden of Iden) and Mendoza in Hollywood was also decent. I’m not as interested in the ones that aren’t as much about Mendoza.

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