God of War II… part 1??

I am seriously miffed that I just finished God of War II last night, only to find… that it has no freakin’ ending!

I was SO looking forward to bitchslapping that smug bastard Zeus off his throne, and the game had all along led me to believe I would have that opportunity, but instead I was cheated of my vengeance by game designers too lazy to give me a complete game!

You guys suck!

Especially since I know the next one will be for PS3, and there’s no way in hell I’m paying 600$ t0 finish this damn game.

This reminds me of how cheated I felt at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, when I realized I’d just paid full price to see half a movie. Boy was I pissed. And I am pissed now. If I were Kratos, I’d be hitching the next pterippus toward Sony studios to have some choice words with the design team before going all Rage of the Titans on their asses. Sadly, I am not, and my only weapon is this here blag.

I’m sure they’re trembling.


~ by oberon the fool on January 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “God of War II… part 1??”

  1. I went over to Wikipedia and read the convenient summary of the story…and, yeah, no proper ending for you. Lame! What happens to the world if you take down *all* the gods? Would it make an appreciable difference? Or would people continue to believe in their existence anyway? (They would! They do!)

  2. Well, if he defeats the Olympians, he’s just gonna have to turn around and take on the Titans next, since I doubt they were any more benevolent. And who’s going to help him? After all, he’s only mortal without the magical assistance of the gods and titans to buff him up. Come to think of it, his blades should have fallen apart after he killed Athena, since they were part of her power. Also, why did the Blade of Olympus kill her with one stab, but Zeus survived several with very little ill effect? I mean, I suppose he’s more powerful, but… also, when a god dies, it should be more dramatic.

    This game seemed shorter/easier than the first one… probably because there were more puzzles and less fighting.

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