Run, don’t walk to your nearest Escape Pod and prepare for emergency launch!

Escape Pod is one of my favorite fiction webcasts. Steve Ely and company pretty much started the fictioncast genre, and remain at the top of that particular game, with the Escape Artists family of ‘casts consistently turning out excellent work. Granted, not every single story is a gem, but fiction is somewhat subjective. Besides, they’re free, so it’s tough to complain.

Escape Pod has a tradition of running Christmas stories by Mur Lafferty, the Queen of ‘Casts, and this year was no exception. I’ve listened to most, if not all, of Mur’s available audio-fiction; and it’s a bit hit and miss for me. She’s got a great imagination, but her writing skills are still developing. In the dead-tree publishing world, I don’t think she’d be a big deal yet, but the intertubes make it possible for voices that would otherwise get lost to be heard clearly, and that works in favor of quite a few rising stars of popular fiction. Mur is  a great example of that, with several audio-novels under her belt, and countless other short projects. On the whole, I’ve enjoyed her stuff enough that I plan to continue listening to whatever she puts out, and I’m sure she’ll continue to hone her craft.

This year, EP featured Mur’s story, As Dry Leaves That Before The Wild Hurricane Fly; which turns some of the well known Christmas legends on their proverbial ear. I really liked this one, so I’m sharing it with you. Click the link, download the ‘cast, and give it a listen. It’s got jetpacks!

If you haven’t time for a long one and would prefer something shorter, try this one, it’s only a few minutes, and should provide a bit of amusement.

If you like audio fiction, you owe it to yourself to check out the Escape Artists family of ‘casts: Escape Pod (sf), PseudoPod (horror), and PodCastle (fantasy).


~ by oberon the fool on January 11, 2009.

One Response to “Run, don’t walk to your nearest Escape Pod and prepare for emergency launch!”

  1. Yes, I think someone described it as “Steampunk meets Santa Claus.” Pretty accurate. And zeppelins! :) I listened to it the other night after you said it was good.

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