*expletives deleted*

So, for the last 3 years or so, my boss and I have been going around and around about my work vehicle. It’s the last Ford in a fleet of Chevies. It’s also, in my opinion, in better shape than many of the newer trucks, despite having more miles by far. In fact, I’d say that’s a testament to its durability.

I have made it excruciatingly clear how I feel about the Chevies- which is to say that I abhor them. The doors do not open all the way like they do on the Ford. The mirrors are tiny and useless. The seats are uncomfortable. The seat adjustment levers are all plastic and prone to breaking (I know because almost all of them are broken in the new trucks). They have no tape deck, which I use daily to plug my mp3 player into to listen to while driving, which is about half my day. The door latches are prone to breaking, making the doors even more of a pain in the ass to open than they are normally, which is a lot. The seats are too high, the noses too long, the windshields at an obnoxious angle, the dashboard laid out poorly, the cupholders obtrusive and obnoxious. The layout of the vehicle in general  does not lend itself to convenient storage of the tools of my trade. Loading and unloading Chevies is inconvenient due to this and also the aforementioned door issues. The ladder racks are also inconveniently arranged.

I have none of these problems with the Ford I am driving now, nor did I with the prior Ford I drove (which was mostly identical).

So, after a very long day today, from which I got back to the shop very late, ready to head home, my boss sprang on me that he was putting me in a Chevy, starting tomorrow.

To rub salt in the wound, he recently purchased a Ford, very similar to the one I drive, and has it parked in the lot with the other vans. For the last two weeks my coworkers, who all know of my Chevy loathing, have been telling me that it was clearly for me, since I am the only Fordophile on the payroll. I refuted them all, saying only “I’ll believe that when I hear it from him.” I dared not hope.

And I was right. So, there’s a brand new goddamn Ford in the lot- but he’s still putting me in a Chevy.

The timing could not be worse, really. I don’t have enough saved up to be unemployed for any length of time, particularly not with the economy over a barrel the way it is.

I’m sure I sound like a damn whiner, when many people don’t even have jobs right now.  But the simple fact is, that the only reason I have stayed at this job for so long is because I enjoy it. It sure isn’t the money. During my last raise evaluation, my boss asked it it was the most I’ve ever made, to which I had to laugh. Not even close. Most office jobs start around what I make now. Hell, the last job I had before coming here, I was making almost 2$ an hour more, and it was a temp position.

I mean, if I’m gonna be unhappy with my job, I may as well go somewhere they’ll pay me to be unhappy, right? If I thought the agency I was with could get me hooked up, I’d tell my boss where he can shove his Chevy. As it is… I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I am seriously stressed about this, though. I guess I should be happy this is the worst thing I have to worry about. But frankly, fuck that. I have had worse things to worry about, and I’ve arranged my life to avoid them. I can’t avoid having a job.


~ by oberon the fool on January 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “*expletives deleted*”

  1. you are not being unreasonable. your boss is being a raging prick for no apparent reason. you have valid reasons and your ability to do your fucking JOB have been compromised unnecessarily.

    expletive away.

  2. Aww ^_^ Thanks! It’s nice to have some moral support.

    So, the mirrors on the new truck aren’t so bad. And the ladder rack is the same, more or less. My boss showed me all these “safety features” like how it counts gas mileage and whatever… none of which are useful to me in any way, since I gas up every night as a matter of habit.

    Mostly I miss my tape deck. As much as I used to be into radio, having to let someone else choose what I listen to has become extremely tedious to me now that I am accustomed to my mp3 player.

    So, I’m doing my best to just suck it up. Although I’m still seriously miffed, and still saying as little as humanly possible to my boss when he speaks to me, which he’s been doing more often lately, just… I dunno.

    There’s nothing I can do about it, so there’s no point wasting energy being furious.


    Being reasonable is so very unsatisfying!

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