Farewell, Marisol.

I just found out that a friend of mine passed away due to emergency room complications this week. Her name was Marisol Linda Patricia, but she went by Finch, and that’s how I knew her.

We never met, and we mostly interacted through a series of wiki-based games I started a while ago. I felt really lucky to have her join the games- she was smart, clever, and had an irreverent sense of humor. She caught on to the games quickly, and suggested ways to improve them and to encourage others to join.

I knew she was having some surgery done, and then that she’d overtaxed herself and torn her stitches at work… but she never gave any indication that she was in mortal danger. Maybe she didn’t know.

Anyway, her roommates have taken her old website down, and all I could find online of her work was this one poem, so I’m going to post it here in her honor.

I may not have known you well, Finch, but I knew you well enough to miss you.

The Hope Diamond

I can’t say how long I’ve searched,
For that shade of blue.
No paint or plant or shade of sky,
Has ever been that hue.

I searched the world twice over,
On land, in sea and sky.
I couldn’t find that beauty,
It made me want to cry.

It was a memory of a memory,
But somehow, I couldn’t forget.
It haunted my every fantasy,
That I hadn’t found it yet.

And then I saw that stone.
I didn’t think it true.
How or why, I didn’t know,
I’d found that shade of blue.

But when I held it in my hand,
I knew it wasn’t right.
It was cold and hard and lifeless,
It didn’t have that jovial light.

And so I went back home,
It was as it was before.
It was in the silent, lonely morn,
Your knock came at my door.

You smiled up at me,
In the light, your eyes, they shone
I was frozen for a moment,
How could you have known?

I took you in my arms,
And held you to my chest.
After all my year of searching,
At last my eyes could rest.

All the good times flooded back,
All my memories of you.
Memories of days together,
Memories of blue.


~ by oberon the fool on March 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Farewell, Marisol.”

  1. What a hopeful scrap…it’s a shame she’s gone. And kind of suddenly, unexpectedly. I met a girl when I went to girl scout camp – Rachel. We went to the same camp for a couple of years and we each participated in their “pen-pal” program prior to attending, and kept getting matched up with one another. So our letters would start out with, “Hey, I KNOW you!” It was kind of funny. We got together once after camp – she invited me out to her family’s place and we saw a movie and went horseback riding (that was our thing at camp), and then stuff got busy, and the next time I thought about her was on a bus back from Carleton College (Minnesota). I was talking to some people who went to the same school she did (Illinois Math and Science Academy – IMSA) and she was the only person I’d known who went there, so I asked about her. And there was this strange silence. Then someone told me that she’d died. That she’d been thrown from her horse and they found her body later on. And it was strange not to have known, and to have found out that way, and I dunno…to have touched her life at all in that brief way that I did.

    Anyway. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Finch is an excellent name – given to busy brassy little active birds with beaks that go CRUNCH.

  2. And now I will always associate the Hope Diamond to your friend Finch. And in fact think that would be a great title for a YA mystery novel: Finch and the Hope Diamond. Unfortunately, I don’t write mysteries, yet. But I’ll keep it in the back of my mind. And it’s another kind of little legacy, somehow. Strange electricity.

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