The Misfortunes of Dave

(vectored in from Kaysootee, where you can find the instructions… yes, it’s a frickin’ meme. Sue me.)

“Unfortunately, Dave’s space ship isn’t the only thing that’s running on 20% power.”

“Unfortunately, Dave also has a passion for bad jokes. The kinds that most people cringe at… or put another way, the kind only your dad would find funny.”

“Unfortunately, Dave got less and less happy the closer to the sun he got, probably due to the fact that it had caused him to burst into flames”*

“Unfortunately, Dave’s skull was not found, and museum scientists need to go back and dig deeper into the rock with power tools.”

“Unfortunately, Dave’s troubles in the investigation and Clete’s search for the ex-priest bring an unsavory character too close to home.”


~ by oberon the fool on March 1, 2009.

One Response to “The Misfortunes of Dave”

  1. Ooh. Yours are way better. I shall be envious.

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