Some of these used to be (and may still be) included in the neo-dictionary at Langmaker, but it seems to be down right now, and anyway the new format isn’t searchable by author; so I don’t bother submitting there anymore. It’s still a cool site, it just no longer flatters my ego like it used to.

So, I shall submit a few here for your perusal.

Autopolit : A phenomenon familiar to people in the service industries; when one enters a trancelike state and becomes essentially a robot reciting lines without interacting with customers in any meaningful or conscious way.

Blue-Piller : A person who embraces illusions about themselves, their relationships, the world at large, etc. Someone who doesn’t want to be bothered by the truth, and who would rather pass through their life without having to step one toe out of their comfort zone, much less have anything intrude upon it.

Braintensive : Requiring deep or strenuous thought. Mentally exhausting.

Bumdegreen : Disappointment experienced when one discovers that the actual lyrics to a song are not as cool as what one had mistaken them for.

Calend : To add something to a calendar.

Coolth : The opposite of warmth.

Lebab : The tendency of global culture toward a single language.

Luff : A non-culturally-emotionally-loaded replacement word for “love”.

Maloquence : To have spoken or written extremely poorly; to have butchered the language.

Mealestation : To play with one’s food in a manner that renders it inedible.

Memesphere : A group of related references that has a recognizable (although often porous) boundary and a measurable social cachet (EG, Monty Python, or Lovecraft).

Metameme : An experience that “unlocks” a memesphere, often in such a manner that it feels like puzzle bits falling into place. Like the first time you watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and suddenly a lifetime of jokes you never got make sense all at once.

Muselin : A portmanteau of “muse” and “gremlin”, a maddeningly fickle but persistent idea that won’t leave you alone until you do something with it.

Nostalgification : The act or practice of making things prematurely or artificially nostalgic.

Phantom Lap : The warm spot, often with an indentation, left behind when someone gets up from their seat. Often favored by cats when an actual lap is unavailable.

Pornoflage : The random stuff you purchase at a convenience store in the hopes that the clerk won’t think you just came there to buy that porno magazine that you clearly only picked up on a whim along with your… um… saltines, gravy, and dentu-grip.

Pseuderudition : The act or practice of trying to stretch the few scraps of information you heard on NPR about a given subject into a conversation in an attempt to make people think you have a fucking clue what you’re talking about. Congratulations on making the cover of Modern Jackass for the third time!

Quivate : A place or situation that is both quiet and private.

I think that’s enough for today. I’ll save the rest for another time.


~ by oberon the fool on March 3, 2009.

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