Printables for Misanthropes (and Philanthropes, too).

Tired of people parking right the fuck next to you at the mall? Strike back with my patented parking revenge stickers! (Use Avery 8395 or any equivalent template.)

On the flipside, ever want to thank someone or express appreciation, without coming off like a freak? Does it bother you that people rarely exchange kindnesses as readily as imprecations? Try my method- I simply carry a few Fan Mail Cards around to hand out to the store clerk who was especially helpful, or the guy who let you cut in line at the supermarket, or whomever you feel could use acknowledgment. Optionally, you can make them look like little envelopes by printing the backs, too. (Use Avery 27881 or any equivalent template.)

**EDIT** Oh, yeah, almost forgot. The Fan Mail cards are great for conventions, too. You can hand them out for cool t-shirts, neat costumes, good GMing, clever tactics, entertaining roleplay, or whatever you think deserves recognition. **/EDIT**

The Fan Mail cards were inspired by Matt Wilson’s awesome Prime Time Adventures.

The parking stickers were inspired by living in Chicago.


~ by oberon the fool on March 4, 2009.

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