Last night I dreamed about Jessica Jones, right before her baby was born- and I mean literally right before- she is breaking into an abandoned facility in search of a Native American woman (who is also pregnant) and the assassin sent to kill her and steal her baby. Jessica barely makes it inside before she goes into labor. She finds a tragic scene, the woman crucified to a wall and the assassin lying in front of her; both dead. The baby is on the floor beneath the woman, umbilical unbroken, and, incredibly, alive. Alive, but… strange. As she stands there in mute shock, the little girl opens her eyes, looks up, and clearly says “Hello, Jessica. Welcome, John James.” This is the name Jessica has picked out for the baby, and this fresh shock puts Jessica over the edge and she gives birth right there.

Flash forward to the next day, a no-longer-pregnant Jessica caring for two small people. She has found clothes for them somewhere, in the lost & found, perhaps? Both children are… well, small people. Not babies, except in size and general shape. They can already crawl unassisted, not quite up to walking… yet. Their heads are strange, faces fully formed, large foreheads. They can both speak, not gibberish, not baby talk, but full, clear sentences. The girl calls herself “Jane”, and when Jessica asks why, she replies that “That’s what they will call me.” Sure enough, a woman arrives who is looking for the first child, who was obviously the object of some prophecy or ritual or experiment or something, since everyone seems to be after her; and the woman demands to know where “Jane” is and what has Jessica done with her? Jess just gestures to the two children, seated on plastic chairs in the day care area, and says “ask her yourself”. The woman waves dismissively, apparently thinking they are some kind of doll or something due to their bizarre features, and starts up the stairs, still ranting to herself. Jessica flies up and grabs her by the back of her coat and brings her back down to confront the babies.

Later still, Jessica calls her friend, a brilliant man who is a combination of Dr. House and Sherlock Holmes. She tells him a bit about what’s going on, but not where they are, since she’s afraid if he comes there the assassins will follow him. Somehow, he figures it out anyway and she watches out the window as his bicycle makes its way through the hedge maze outside the building. Followed, predictably, by a red haired man in a business suit- the chief assassin.

As they all wait for the rest of the major players in this drama to arrive, the two women ask the children what this is all about. Jessica feels pretty odd, asking her own baby for guidance, but she’s no stranger to feeling lost. The doubting woman says she understands why Jane is the way she is, what with the experiments or whatever, but why John? Jane explains that their condition wasn’t a result of any of the acts committed by the various factions plotting around her birth, and that more and more children will be born like them now, she was merely the first. It has nothing to do with magic or experiments or anything under human control. It’s simple, she says.

“It’s just time for the human race to move on, that’s all.”


~ by oberon the fool on March 8, 2009.

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