One of the many (many!) podcasts I listen to regularly is Pseudopod, part of the Escape Artists family of ‘casts that also includes Escape Pod and Podcastle.

Lately, Pseudopod, which focuses on horror fiction, has featured a string of well written, well narrated stories that I have quite enjoyed. And so, I shall share them with you.

The Corpse Army of Khartoum – A fresh tale of the White Street Society, a rousing pulp adventure in which the true horror is not, in fact, the horror itself.

Rosemary Lane – A short and charming(?) ghost story.

The Greatest Adventure of All – Some things, man was not meant to know. But even forbidden knowledge affects everyone differently.

Bottle Babies – A decidedly peculiar tale. Whether it ends well or poorly for its heroine, I leave to you to decide.

The Garden and the Mirror – Even the wisest of wise men is a fool for love, and love is stronger than death. But is love stronger than desire?

The Ashen Thing – Helplessness is something we’ve all felt, and most likely something we all fear. Often with very, very good reason.

So, if any of those sound interesting, click the links and download to your heart’s content… or discontent, as the case may be.


~ by oberon the fool on March 11, 2009.

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