Buffy, Between the Lines

I started listening to Buffy – Between the Lines, a fanfic-audio-drama that covers the time in between seasons of the show, starting with the death of Buffy after defeating Glory. I’ve only listened to one ep so far.

It’s not as bad as it could be. The voice acting and production aren’t perfect, but they are bound to improve over time. Some of the voice casting is pretty dead-on, others not as much. But they’re all sincere and do a fairly good job of staying true to the characters they portray. Spike refers to himself in the third person a bit more than I remember him doing, but he’s good with Dawn.

I was surprised to find that it took me right back to that final episode of the original series (which is where I stopped watching faithfully), and made me feel the death of Buffy all over again… not that I cared that much about her, but the reactions of her little family are well and sincerely explored here.

I’m not big on fanfic in general, but it seems like maybe at least some of it is starting to grow up and fill out the shoes that always seem clunky and ill-fitting… ok, I’m butchering the metaphor. My point is, most fanfic sucks. This doesn’t. At least, so far.

I may have more to say if my opinion changes considerably after further listening.


~ by oberon the fool on March 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Buffy, Between the Lines”

  1. My supervisor at work is really really really into Buffy. Surprisingly so (as well as a number of other things I wouldn’t have thought she’d enjoy – I guess I have to credit her with having a sense of humor she’s not allowed/not allowing herself to express at work). She lent me whatever season has the silent episode, and whatever season (I think it was the same) that had the musical one, and I watched that and a bit of what came after it. It was surprisingly entertaining. I mean, I liked the silly movie when it came out, but I never got into the series. Since the library (or at least the library system) probably owns all of them, I should start at the beginning and see what I’ve missed out on.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the first episode. As a fan production we had a lot to learn, and still are learning! I can’t wait to hear what you think of later episodes. I think ep 4-6 really show the heart of the series and ep 12, well I’m biased about episode 12. :)

    Thanks so much for posting about us.

    Tabitha Smith
    Executive Producer
    Between the Lines Studios

  3. Buffy was a good series. Watching it from the beginning today would require a shaker of salt to take it with grains of, simply because the production values have improved since then, and because even the TV series took a while to find its footing. The eps you watched were part of the “supplementary” seasons on UPN after they brought the show (and its heroine) back from the dead following the end of the series on Fox. The BTL series starts at the end of that original series and bridges into the first UPN season.

    Angel was good, too, especially toward the end.

  4. Hi, thanks Tabitha. I plan on listening to them an ep a week (just like the show, I guess), so it’ll take me a while to work my way through them. I’ll probably post more then.

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