So, I dreamed the other night that I was working and met a girl named Jenny who was doing menial work at some office or other. She was tall and cute, with long, straight, bottle-red hair. After making small talk for a bit, I invited her to some random party I was headed to that evening. She seemed surprised to be asked, but accepted.

At the party it became clear that she was painfully shy, in large part because a slight congenital deformity in her left leg gave her a noticeable limp, which often caused people to treat her as an invalid, even though it was fairly minor. Eventually I also noticed that she was hiding her left hand all the time, and, keeping an eye out, discovered that she had six fingers on that hand, which was also a source of embarrassment for her.

The other day, in meatspace (that’s “real life”), I met a girl named Stephanie, who was doing menial work at an animal clinic. She was tall and cute, with long, straight, bottle-red hair. She also had a slight but noticeable limp in her left leg. She did not have an extra finger, but it was slightly creepy nonetheless. I also did not invite her to any parties. She was nice enough, but her boss was a bit crazy and decided I was some kind of thug or something. Long story I won’t bother going into.

Anyway, it’s not often I meet people from dreams, but it has happened before.

I also ran into a redhead named Maureen at a dentist’s office, which only one person who reads this will find significant.


~ by oberon the fool on March 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Meetings.”

  1. And you didn’t say, “Maureen, I knew you when…” because that would have started a chain reaction of events that might have led you back to that time in 1943. And you never want to relive that.

    The six-fingered man…he had a sister.

  2. Heh.

    And also, heh.

    And furthermore, Squish! ^_^

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