3/16/09 (I mentioned I skip weekends, right? Too busy to bother with it)
A chbacon, egg & cheese waffle sammich and OJ.
A honey bourbon chicken sub and a cinnamon sugar cookie. (I’d like to note that Quizno’s sucks. Although this meal was actually pretty tasty.)
Italian BMT sub and my usual 3 cookies. (yeah, it was a subs and cookies kinda day. I was gonna go Toxic Hell, but Subway stretches the buck further).

A bacon, egg & cheese bagel breakfast sammich with a hashbrown and OJ.
A fruit & yogurt snack salad.
2 jalapeno cream cheese taquitos, 1 monterey-jack chicken taquito.
A cup of cherry yogurt.
A bag of Snyder’s pretzel & cheese sammich crackers.
2 beef chalupas, a soft taco, and a strawberry frutista.

3 pancakes, eggs, sassage, hashbrown, OJ.
Footlong Italian BMT sub, 3 cookies.

2 breakfast breetos, hashbrown, OJ.
Grilled mandarin chicken salad, small vanilla frosty.


~ by oberon the fool on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Flogaroofle.”

  1. You could just make a page for this Flogging…you know, like you have an “about” page. This one could be “FLOGGING!” or something to that effect. And then you’d have your flog all in one place, instead of spread out through multi-posts. Unless you like it that way, in which case, carry on.

  2. Hm. Yeah. I could. I’ll think about it. Thanks.

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