Watchmen Review (sorta) *SPOILERS*

This is just a CC of an email to a friend, in which I talk about the movie. I’m too lazy to type up another review. Sue me.

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Me : So, the Watchmen? Pretty good. Lots of breaky-smashy. Good casting. More or less nailed the spirit of the graphic novel. There were a few things, absences or changes, that I was sad about; but in the same way as I did with Peter Jackson’s LotR… I missed them, but not to the point that it soiled the experience. The movie stands up pretty well on its own.

So, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

Her : I’ve seen it twice.

FANTASTIC visuals…

There were things I didn’t like about the movie though … especially how unrealistically STRONG everyone was … ESPECIALLY Ozzymandias, but even Silk Spectre II was throwing people around like rag dolls… the only paranormal is supposed to be Dr Manhattan…

Ozzymandias … should definitely be STRONG … in the book we see that he trains every day, and eats very healthy. he would know how to use leverage exactly to his advantage, but what he does in the movie is super human

The Comedian … even though he was old, I could easily seem him being a juicer to hold onto his edge, but when he punchs THROUGH the brick on his fireplace … that was just too much…

Rorschach … the jumps and leaps he makes are crazy. I’m not saying that no one could do that, and since he is so dedicated and doesn’t care about getting hurt – he’d be willing to push his body to the limits.

Nite Owl II … no freaking way that this guy would be fighting like he was, in the alley or in the prison. even with his training, which was probably really good – he’s been sititng on the bench for what, at least six or seven years? he’s flabby and no way he’s tossing people around like that.

Silk Spectre … she is still in decent shape, and trained by her mother when she was a little girl, but she doesn’t have the strength or mass to pull off the stuff she did

Watchmen was supposed to be basically normal but “crazy” people wearing masks and fighting crime … and aside from Manhattan, just heroes – not “super” heroes ..

Still … i really liked the movie

Me : I thought all the same things, but I forgave it since it was hella cool watching them break people right and left. That was one of many things that there just wasn’t time to address fully.

And it was still pretty clearly about crazy motherfuckers in masks taking the law into their own hands. The callousness they show toward both criminals as well as civilians is extremely telling. When Silk Spectre pops the prison guard, Owl looks like he’s about to object, but then he just shrugs it off. And they wait calmly for Rorschach to finish with Big Figure in the men’s room… they’re more bored than concerned. There was never really any question that the “heroes” were morally superior in any way.

I did appreciate the brutality of the fighting, because if you were going to be a vigilante, you hardly have the luxury of being gentle. Real street fighters know that the best way to survive a fight is to destroy your opponents’ ability to hurt you as quickly as possible, and that means breaking them into very small pieces that lie on the floor whimpering and twitching.

Dr. M gives a new twist on the phrase “blue balls”… I find it interesting that he rebuilt himself as Charles Atlas, but didn’t make himself pony-hung. Not really surprising, given his extremely passive demeanor, which I thought was well played in the movie. His vast, impossible power is contrasted sharply by his damn near apologetically quiet voice, as if he’s always a bit embarrassed to speak up about anything. I thought they could have done a considerably better job with his facial/motion animation- I know damn well the technology is better than that.

I was tad disappointed at the replacement of an extradimensional lovecraftian invader with mere tachyon-reactor-explosions… but it would have required another hour to shoehorn that subplot in.

I was also a tad disappointed that Adrian was so transparently the villain from early on. I was genuinely surprised by the reveal in the comic, but my friend who’s never read it pegged him from his second or third appearance. He’s totally delivering a supervillain monologue to Lee Iaccoca (man, do the kids even know who he was anymore?)

But yeah, overall, I felt about it like I did about LotR… it wasn’t perfect, they missed a few things I’d have liked to see, but they pretty well nailed the overall feel of it.

– – –

The end.


~ by oberon the fool on March 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Watchmen Review (sorta) *SPOILERS*”

  1. Did you catch the hidden squid in the Watchmen movie?

    We did:


  2. Yeah, I was bummed about the lack of psionic cthuloid extradimensional invader… but that’s pretty cool, thanks for pointing it out.

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