Prince of Persia: Warrior Within… precursor to God of War?

…doesn’t suck as much as my initial frustrations led me to believe.

The game got enough kudos for me to give it a second chance. I think it was really taking a week off from it that did the trick- gave me a chance to let my muscle-memory forget the GameCube controls for Sands of Time so that they were ready to accept the new control scheme. The game still has some frustrating parts, but no more so than the first one. I’m about 75% of the way through now, and I’m enjoying it pretty well. I’ve added The Two Thrones to my list of games to pick up, since I may as well finish the trilogy.

Okay, I finished the game. And I looked at some of the vids for The Two Thrones. I’m struck by how much the God of War games owe to the Prince of Persia series. Por ejemplo:

Both characters can move by rolling to avoid traps or enemy attacks.
Both series feature time-slowing puzzles.
Both characters can perform “brutal kills”, albeit using different methods.
Both characters collect primary resources in orb form from slain enemies and shattered scenery.
The environments the characters travel through are similar, including temples and trap-filled hallways, with switches and puzzles- and the exact same kinds of rotating levers.
They both feature balance beam-walking sections, where the character catches themselves if they slip.
They both have huge bosses.
They both have bitchy, scantily clad female characters, and sex scenes.
The status displays are very similar, especially between The Two Thrones and God of War.
Both characters are on quests to change their Fates at any cost.
Both series have direct sequels that feature flashbacks to earlier games (including video directly pulled from earlier games).
Both series feature chain weapons.

It’s almost like the team that worked on the PoP games said “let’s do this again, only with Greek tropes, and replace all the parkouring with more violence!”

I’m not complaining, mind you- I have thoroughly enjoyed both sets of games. I’m just saying, there’s definitely a lineage there.


~ by oberon the fool on March 20, 2009.

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