Roleplaying FAIL, x2!

During a scene in which the player who had requested the scene continued to post long expositions that made everyone’s actions more or less futile, and several of my friends, communicating via “whisper” expressed frustration, I took it upon myself to whisper the “host”, who had already made comments like “the RP’s I participate in aren’t novice literature.”:

[8:18:12 PM] Bram: I should point out that several of us are getting bored with the slow pace and lack of direction. If this is what qualifies as “high concept” rp in your estimation, perhaps you could have chosen a venue with more like-minded players.
[8:18:59 PM] Bram: We’re not opposed to playing this scene out with you, but a little more alacrity would behoove us all.

[8:19:16 PM] Asiil: It isn’t my post.

[8:19:25 PM] Bram: I’m saying in general.

[8:20:56 PM] Asiil: Sakura and Kabu are already aware of this so the end result won’t be a surprise <..< There is a planned event for this character in the semi-near future that involves her death in this RP. I’m not saying ya’lls characters need to just give up and walk away, but anticipate a negative result in the end. Kabu’s character is involved in that future.

[8:21:56 PM] Bram: If I may be so bold as to ask….. I see. So, this is basically a masturbatory cutscene.

[8:22:46 PM] Asiil: Essentially. I like Rping my scenes regarding character and plot development rather than just NPCing them.
[8:22:55 PM] Asiil: Makes development much more interesting.

[8:23:52 PM] Bram: It’s… interesting… to be involved in a scene with a foregone conclusion? Hm. It might have been kind to let the prospective players know this beforehand so they could better estimate the return-on-investment for their involvement.
[8:26:59 PM] Bram: And, if I’m to be essentially used as one of the fingers on a hand that is jerking someone off, I’d like to know about it beforehand.
[8:27:26 PM] Bram: Just for future reference.

Here, I had my character act in a way that I felt was both appropriate to the character’s personality, and served the stated goals of the host- namely to end the scene with his character (a huge sea-dragon) dead. For which I won an accusation of “You’re fucking metagaming!”

[8:58:33 PM] Bram: Incidentally, just because I AIMED the slash at the dragon’s neck doesn’t mean it will land there, or kill it right off. Because I don’t powergame or tell other players what happens to their characters.

[8:59:36 PM] Asiil: That is appreciated, but at this point, I made a mistake coming here and am just trying to let ya’ll get out of it without seeming like I’m twinking out.
[8:59:44 PM] Asiil: Shouldn’t last more’n a round or two from here.

[9:00:02 PM] Bram: Mm. Very considerate of you.
[9:00:04 PM] * Bram bows.

And this was a response to the indignant post that “You’re fucking metagaming!”

[9:08:29 PM] Bram: Also, I would like to point out that “metagaming”, IE using OOC knowledge to further IC plots or character development, is no longer considered quite the sin it once was, in many modern gaming circles. When used properly and with care, it can actually facilitate better and more powerful roleplaying. ((OOC = “Out of Character”, IC = “In Character”))

[9:08:54 PM] Asiil: Not in any reputable dream. ((The place where the scene took place allows user-created areas called “dreams”))

[9:09:58 PM] * Bram shakes his head. “You’re so condescending. It’s really quite tacky. Who decides what’s “reputable”? Asinine and judgmental statements like that won’t win you any friends. I suggest you take your superior attitude back to a “reputable dream” and stay there.”

9:40:28 PM Player Asiil has logged off.


Later, in the tavern, I run into a regular player who constantly comes up with new characters. Their current one is a young boy, who constantly asks questions about things one would expect a young, uneducated boy to ask questions about, and then revealing disturbing personal information about the character through apparent “innocent” responses to the answers- like that the boy had been castrated by pirates. Now, at the time I was under the assumption that we were all just playing casually, which is typical for the tavern crowd; so I wasn’t taking it too seriously, cracking wise, and joshing with the player through in-character interactions. But then it became apparent he was taking it seriously, so I had to break it off.

You say, “[I’ll be perfectly honest, I can’t take seriously a character of a young child whose been sexually mutilated by pirates. That’s just fucked up, and I don’t think it’s really appropriate to throw that kind of thing into gen-pop without some kind of warning or agreement]”
You say, “[Maybe that’s just me]”

Jesus Smith: (The Catholic church did it all the time in the Mideval ages to their chior boys)
Jesus Smith: (called a “Castrato” look it up)

You say, “[yeah, I’m aware of that.]”

At this point, one of the regulars spoke up in his defense, and another told me I was wasting my time.

You say, “[So, consensus is against me here, then? Fine. But I’d like to note for the record that I don’t approve of sexual mutilation of children as a general RP topic, and will abstain from further interactions with the character]”
You say, “[I think it’s fine if that’s something you, the player, want to explore, but I don’t think this is the proper place for it. And now I’m shutting up and moving on.]”

Jesus Smith: (Listen, just beause I am RPing a mutilated character does not meen I wish this onto childern. Also, inmy opinion, that statement did not make you any better than the person we were bitching about a moment ago)
Jesus Smith: (Again that’s, just my opinion.)

You say, “[I’m not forcing my ideas on you. I have bowed to consensus and withdrawn myself from the interaction of my own free will. I retcon ((that’s roleplayer lingo for “take back”)) all my prior statements toward the child]”

Jesus Smith: (Bram, that’s not what made me angry, its the OOC statment.)

At this point, I didn’t want to continue to pollute the public area with our disagreement, so I suggested we take the disagreement to whispers. Someone else suggested it simultaneously.

You say, “[take it to whisper if you’d like to continue]”

Jesus Smith: (no I’m not I’m jus tmaking it clear I am not blurring the OOC IC line here)

The player (in character) continued to complain about my character’s wisecracks toward him, trying to get other people in the room to extract an apology. Every time someone came into the room, he would point at me and say “That man’s being mean to me!” and such. I thought I’d made myself clear, so I then whispered a bit more forcefully.

[10:37:06 PM] Bram: Ok, Fids, or whomever you are. OOCly, I, the player of Bram, do not wish to engage in IC interactions with your current character. You have brought up subjects I do not feel it is appropriate to explore in a public forum. Please disregard all past interactions between Bram and Jesus, and please refrain from further interactions.
[10:37:11 PM] Bram: Is that clear enough?

[10:40:55 PM] Jesus|Smith: Fine, you don’t have to. But make it clear just because I Rp this character dosn’t meen I am a freek OOC that likes the thoughts of kids getting castrated. Just that the pirates that did that to him was all sorts of fucked up. I don’t appricate being treeted like such.

[10:41:56 PM] Bram: What situations you want to explore via RP are your own business, and I’m not judging your choice of character- just your choice of public venue to carry it out in.

[10:42:50 PM] Jesus|Smith: What situations? oh, oh say that pirates have done fucked up things in the past to people?

[10:44:11 PM] Bram: Dude. You’re missing the point. You play whatever you want, for whatever reasons make sense to you. I don’t want to participate, for reasons that make sense to me. End of story.

He didn’t stop, continuing to whine, in character as a little boy, and try to coax adult characters into punishing me on his behalf.

[10:47:32 PM] Bram: Ok. You’re still doing it.

[10:47:53 PM] Jesus|Smith: I didn’t agree to the retcon

[10:48:08 PM] Bram: You don’t have to agree.
[10:48:25 PM] Bram: Don’t. Interact. With. My. Character. Period.

[10:48:41 PM] Jesus|Smith: he’s not, he’s interacting with Zeethran.

[10:49:12 PM] Bram: Dude. Don’t be a douchebag. I’m trying to treat you with respect here, please do the same.

The player then posted back in the public channel, asking why I had called him a douchebag in whisper when he was being civil; now apparently trying to incite not just characters, but their players, against me on an OOC level. I refused to take the bait and responded only in whisper.

[10:51:01 PM] Bram: I didn’t call you one. I said don’t be one. There’s a difference. And we took this to whisper to avoid bothering the other players, as they requested.
[10:51:29 PM] Bram: And you are not being civil, you are repeatedly ignoring my several requests to not continue interacting.

[10:51:41 PM] Jesus|Smith: again Bram, he was talking to Zeethran, not your character

[10:51:42 PM] Bram: It’s impolite, disrespectful, and bad sportsmanship.
[10:52:06 PM] Bram: He was talking to Zeeth ABOUT my character, and pointing to my character, and you know damn well that’s still interacting.
[10:52:24 PM] Bram: My character does not exist as far as you are concerned. Don’t. Do it. Again.

[10:52:47 PM] Jesus|Smith: Um, IC actions IC conenquences. You said something “mean” to a kid, he is going to react to it and BLAB

[10:53:12 PM] Bram: Then retcon it, as I requested.

[10:53:22 PM] Jesus|Smith: I don’t agree to the retcon

[10:53:39 PM] Bram: I’m not ASKING you. I’m TELLING you.

[10:53:53 PM] Jesus|Smith: again, Bram, I don’t accept the retcon

[10:54:12 PM] Bram: I’m putting you on Ignore now, because you won’t listen to reason. Goodbye.
Started ignoring Jesus|Smith.


So, yeah. Big fun. Later, all the aggravation paid off with a pretty good session, which I will probably post about also.


~ by oberon the fool on March 20, 2009.

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  1. Mm. This sort of thing annoys me to no end. Not really in a game situation, since I have less experience with that, but in other ‘chatty’ types of places. People are stubborn and WILL have their way. It just makes me want to hit them. I don’t know why I’m so violent. I guess it’s because reasoning with people doesn’t work so well. Hitting them may not change their minds, either, but it makes me feel better. *squish*

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