Random Word Playlist Meme

A thing that I do sometimes. I discovered it while doing searches through my music library.

1. Pick a song you own that you want to hear.
2. Pick a common word from the title of that song.
3. Enter that word as a search term into your music-playing-program/device.
4. Hit Play.

An example!

Word: “Now”

Playlist (well, the first 15 anyway, I have a lot of music):
1) 311 / It’s Getting Ok Now
2) Abra Moore / Never Believe in You Now
3) Apocalyptica / From Out of Nowhere
4) Belly / Now They’ll Sleep
5) Bif Naked / Any Day Now
6) C+C Music Factory / Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
7) Collective Soul / Better Now
8) Cracker / Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)
9) Crash Test Dummies / I Think I’ll Disappear Now
10) Dada / Heaven and Nowhere
11) Dead Can Dance / I Can See Now
12) Depeche Mode / Any Second Now
13) Eels / Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living)
14) Elastica / Hold Me Now
15) Faith No More / From Out of Nowhere

Not a bad selection. Try it! Post it! Or, you know, don’t.


~ by oberon the fool on April 7, 2009.

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