Hard to believe it all started with a single event that brought Robotechnology to Earth. It also brought waves of alien invaders looking for the secrets of Protoculture; the power source behind Robotechnology.

If they’re Zentraedi… do you really think we stand a chance against them?


Micronized, recognize me in the flesh;
Look like a human being if you take a guess,
But unless you know the facts then you “think” you know-
Created for war, I shrink and I grow.
Radiated protochamber just another motivator,
War machine’s motor, moderator of the automated
Modern day, hated by the humans; not related
In the physical,
We’re cloned individuals
Dated back half a mill years
In fact created by the the Protoculture
Hacked genetic etiquette
War vulture, predator, veteran
You better run faster,
Designed to kill you by the Robotech Masters!

Disasters, the only form of currency
State of emergency, pain on the perfory,
Mercifully? That doesn’t register here,
React when enemy regiments near.
Action, satisfaction from blastin’
Take a look at the photons we’re packin’
Slackin’ – its not the path to success
Why be distracted by any less?
Death is blessed to those who fail,
Zentraedi – we’ll prevail,
Over the Microns & their pale veneer,
So frail and queer with their ale and beer.

We’re looking for the SDF-1, no apologies,
Need to retrieve our Robotechnology
From a space colony in massive quantity;
Ascend from the heavens, formed in quality.
Lines divine our fleet elite,
We’ll take our time to find and keep
What belongs to us and finally,
We found the ship on Earth and silently
Planted agents shrink in your ranks,
And now we’re stationed in your think tank.
But something unexpected happened to directives,
Lost in humanity began to see perspective.
This human collective made us so reflective,
Just listen to Minnmei and voices within say:
Who are we anyways? Changing in a big way;
Realized compassion – this is a big day!

I never thought I’d say it, cus’ from the start
We were bred for war not love and art,
But a part of my heart has been sparked with a fire
A new desire, infused, inspired.
Confused by her style and fashion;
Extraordinary new found passion,
Dreams, beliefs, hopes, visions,
Jokes, kissing, soaps, kittens,
Smitten people struggling;
Familiar with chaos but what is cuddling?
Puzzling, yet so enticing.
Why destroy when we can do nice things?
Like writing, painting, swimming,
Creating, not hating; giving!
Living and helping others
Ice under light is a melting cover.


Zentraedi – Godly, heavenly bodies,
40 feet tall ‘n destiny’s calling!

Absolving, enthralling, revolving
Around the light we all bring…

Micronized to a human size,
we came to Earth from the open skies.
Might be right beside you hidden in disguise,
So get wise to the lies, open up your eyes…


A race of protoplasmic creatures receives telepathic sensor reports, indicating a huge build up of Protoculture on an insignificant planet in the fourth quadrant of the known universe. Responding to this important message, the Invid Regis, the supreme ruler of a race of alien parasites, sends her entire civilization on a crusade to locate and harvest the fruit of their Flower of Life.

The location happens to be the Earth.



We came to invade it,
Now we’re integrated
Into the world, we were taught to hate it.
Now allied with the humans in a bid
To defend this world against the Invid,
And as for the Robotech Masters, no more-
We’ve turned on them and declared a war;
‘Cus in 2013 we learned about our past,
And at long last we were free from their vast grip.
As for their evil plan we unmasked it;
As if we’d be puppets for eternity?
Mindless soldiers learn to see as we get older,
Something internally shifted over,
Certainly lifted the weight from your shoulders.
Now I’m driving in a Saber Cyclone,
Micronized as I write this poem;
Yeah, I love Earth – It’s my new home,
Not my planet of birth, let it be known:
I’m 6’2″ micronized…40 feet full grown.

The best thing I ever did was question authority,
Sacrificed size, but inside theres more of me,
And orderly; everything is musical;
Not too mention human girls are beautiful!
These days are the best in my life,
Waking up in the chest of my wife.
Sworn allegiance to uphold the peace,
Across the galaxy, opposed to it’s cease!
Please! I know you’re skeptical
Of change, but we’re identical;
Equals in the eyes of the universe,
Forget race, no one cares who was first.
And we’ll be with you till the last,
To keep the blood spilled in the past,
Relax, no need for protocol-
let’s chill in the sun and just throw a ball!
Until we’re called to that higher plane ,
and the Flower of Life grows it’s final strain.


With their attack forces in disarray, our only chance for survival is to utilize the combined forces of the SDF-1 and our battle fleet.

Do you realize what you’re saying?

We have already been exposed to your culture, there is no option but to fight!

I’m glad that we are are fighting on the same side, hmm?

Yes, so am I. Minmei, without your singing, the alliance between our people would not have been possible.

Who, me? Really?

Although I do not profess to completely understand you Micronians, I now realize the importance of your singing- It gives you the strength and courage to face the enemy against all odds. Minmei, will you sing for us, so we may hope for victory? Please, Miss Minmei!

Of course!

“Sometimes I dream with open eyes,
I dream of falling in love.
To be in love must be the sweetest feeling that a girl can feel.
To be in love, to live a dream,
With somebody you care about like no-one else!”


Zentraedi / “Old Friends” / Selfhelp (feat. Wordburglar) / Secret Cloud records.


~ by oberon the fool on May 25, 2009.

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