Playing for Change – Stand By Me

So, this guy, Mark Johnson, heard a street performer one day, and asked if he could record the guy. Then, he traveled the world asking other buskers from all over the globe to play along. Playing for Change is the amazing result; a beautiful tribute to the universal human love of music.

Mark and his new friends went on to record other songs with an increasingly broad variety of musicians from an ever expanding range of locations throughout the world. You can watch them on their YouTube page.

You can find out more about Playing for Change and their mission of spreading peace and understanding through the world by facilitating global musical collaborations at their website,


~ by oberon the fool on July 28, 2009.

One Response to “Playing for Change – Stand By Me”

  1. That’s really cool. Some of the best music is the kind that you happen upon, or spontaneously make. There was this time in college when a bunch of us ended up being in the dorm kitchen at the same time (a bunch of choir people and me), and we all started singing this song they’d been rehearsing – in harmony (I think it was “Down by the Riverside”). It was so much fun, and the sound in that small room was just amazing. It’s so much easier to be a part of something when it’s small-er like that. Guess that’s why I like smaller venue type concerts over huge staged affairs.

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