Scientists are stupid.

They are building an Evil Artificial Intelligence… ON PURPOSE.

Seriously, haven’t these guys seen Terminator? Or 2001? Or ???



~ by oberon the fool on August 20, 2009.

10 Responses to “Scientists are stupid.”

  1. All philosophy is ideology that no longer has relevance in the modern world where SCIENCE RULES!
    Philosophy is a outmoded subjective notion of a way to go to live a happy full life.
    Science has made philosophy no longer viable in the 21st century!
    The scientific method is an objective way of knowing!
    Philosophy is a subjective way of believing, just like religion.
    With science you can predict outcome by understanding the surrounding objective material conditions that exist in a surrounding environment! To be compatible with that environment can be objectively determined, therefor a subjective philosophy becomes no longer needed or necessary.

    Knowledge is the understanding that is acquired by the scientific discovery of factual information. Philosophers may or may not use scientifically discovered factual information when putting together a philosophical concept.
    Philosophy is is basically a concept that originates in a philosophers brain.
    Scientific concepts originates from discovered provable facts.
    Philosophy is subjective, if it was objective it would no longer be philosophy.
    It would be science!

    • Yeah, yeah, yeah. While I agree with you in principle, in practice, I still say this is a bad idea. I don’t believe in objective “capital E” Evil, but I sure as hell believe in subjective “All Biological Life is Inferior and Must Be Exterminated” evil.

      So, stick that in your philosophy and smoke it =P

  2. Silly! Scientists aren’t stupid. They’re just selectively idiotic.

    There’s a big difference.

  3. This seems like a bad idea. I mean, you shouldn’t always do something just to see if you can. Maybe these scientists should tackle Everest first. That should take care of most of them… Or, they should team up with those people who make AIs and then slap them around. Evil probably had a bad childhood.

  4. A person needs faith because he does not have evidence to back up his belief system. Faith is supposed to get rid of the doubt, because you have no factual evidence that what you believe in is true, so you have doubt. Belief is the absence of knowing.
    if you had knowledge you would not need to believe because you would know.
    Knowing is understanding because you have verifiable concrete evidence that what you know is within the realm of probability depending on the quality and quantity of verifiable concrete evidence. The scientific method approaches a mystery to be solved by approaching that mystery with an open mind. Pre conceived notions or beliefs or faith, would prejudice the seeking of truth and facts, regarding scientific investigation

  5. @despicable
    But, science IS a philosophy.
    It’s the philsophy that truth can be discovered through observation, computation, experimentation and repeatability rather than taking ideas at face value or on faith.

    Science is different form most other philosophies in that it isn’t mutually exclusive. A stoic, for example, may also be a scientist. Likewise an ascetic may also be a scientist at the same time.

    And beliefs aren’t a bad thing. A scientific theory is basically an informed (based on observation) conjecture… a belief.

    What you do with your beliefs is the question.

    • I believe in battling unstoppable robot assassins for the future of humanity!

      • Lower your shields and surrender your ships!

        We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us!

        Resistance is futile

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