Back in grade school, but taking college level classes. Found Dwayne and I had a class together- “Game Design 101: Introduction to Games and Gaming”, taught by none other than Brennan Taylor of IPR. The seats were too small for my adult body, which was annoying, but I squeezed myself in. Prof. Taylor was in the middle of the classroom sitting crosslegged at a very low table that was covered with a smattering of toys and games- Legos (Mechaton, woot!), HeroScape, Warhammer Minis, who knows what else. Once the class got started, however, he put on a movie on a widescreen tv. It was very disturbing, but I don’t remember what it was about.

Later I went out to dinner with an AI. It checked my email for me while we ate. There was some important reason, but I don’t remember that either.

Then I was in an unfamiliar bathroom in someone’s home, and there was a HEWJ knobby knee’d spider. I found a can of Lysol or something and sprayed it. It tried to flee under the door but couldn’t quite fit, so it ran back toward a box of… something, I’m not sure what. The box featured a smiling woman on it- some kind of household product. The spider climbed onto the box and the woman on the box reacted to it by looking upward at it in alarm. She picked up the box (don’t ask me how that worked) and carried it- with herself still on it- to the trash can and pulled the box down into it. Apparently the trash can was over a faucet, because I then turned the faucet on to make sure the spider was not coming back.


On another night, it was the future, and there was this guy who claimed to be the Second Coming of Christ. He dressed in robes like Jesus in a play, and for some reason much of the world bought into it. He practiced ovomancy, reading countless dozens of eggs and doomsaying. I was, for some reason, on his staff, but the crazier he got and the more doom he portended, the more skeptical I became.

There was a town meeting at the public library to discuss what to do about these prophecies. I went there, but they were only letting loyalists in, and somehow they knew I was no longer one of them. I flashed my staff badge and started to bullshit my way in.

Later, I was with a doctor of some kind. I had procured a sample of one of these prophetic eggs, and he was going to run tests on it. My stepfather was there for some reason, and admonished me for my lack of faith.


~ by oberon the fool on September 11, 2009.

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