helping to take care of a little girl who may have been part or full alien

foster family raising her engaged in sexual activity with her, which she seemed to enjoy. they claim she is some kind of messiah. are they one of those cultish religious sects? or the beginnings of one.

we are in court, I am trying to get her away from them. she is no messiah. she is extremely sensitive to vibrations, not supernaturally, but in the manner of autistic children whose senses are overpoweringly focused. she can feel the heartbeats of those around her. she can sense moods, and was a kind and compassionate child.

old men at store. they doted on each other.

later a compound surrounded by a mesh fence.
we were trained to keep outsiders out. we were told they were aliens, or zombies, monsters. we armed ourselves with spray cans and lighters. as we set upon the first group trying to get in and lit them ablaze, it became apparent that they were just other people, trying to get to a safe and warm place.


~ by oberon the fool on October 18, 2009.

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