Halloween Themed Playlist

In no particular order:

1. Trioxin / Zombies! Organize!
2. Necromancing / Gnarls Barkley
3. Crash My Car / Supra Argo
4. Wandering Ghosts / Michiru Yamana
5. Boogie Woogie Wu / Insane Clown Posse
6. Hometown / Akira Yamaoka
7. Blood Red Sandman / Lordi
8. Burrow Your Way to My Heart / Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
9. Living Dead Girl / Rob Zombie
10. Life Burns / Apocalyptica (feat. Lauri Ylonen)
11. Transylvanian Concubine / Rasputina
12. Run Down the Devil / Alice Cooper
13. Prey / Seraphim Shock

I could come up with more, probably (okay, definitely), but 13 seems like an appropriate number of tracks, eh?

Feel free to suggest your own Halloween tunes!>


~ by oberon the fool on October 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “Halloween Themed Playlist”

  1. Disc 2 –
    1. Dead Girls / Voltaire.
    2. Electric Demons in Love / Electric Six
    3. Hemoglobin / Beborn Beton
    4. Bosque Profundo / Javier Navarrete
    5. Tentacles! / H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society
    6. Hunter-Killer / Fear Factory
    7. Fear (Arrakis:Giga Mix) / Adam Freeland (remixed by Mr.44)
    8. Treehouse of Terror V (Medley) / Alf Clausen, Danny Elfman
    9. Insanity / Boingo
    10. Blood & Fire / Type O Negative
    11. This Corrosion / Sisters of Mercy
    12. Goth Girls / MC Frontalot
    13. Mansion of Madness / Free Radical Design

    And the bonus track: Sinner, Baker, Fablist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast, by Eugie Foster, performed by Lawrence Santoro

  2. Black Magic Woman?
    Mummer’s Dance?

    Dunno. Am not good at this game.

    I have not looked at your blog for too too long.


    • Good choices! That’d be… Santana, ???, and Lorena McKennit, if I’m not mistaken. No idea about the middle one… plz to enlighten?

      I have not written in my blag that much until this week, so you haven’t missed much. Don’t feel bad. Just because I read yours daily, don’t feel obligated or anything =P

      • Why don’t your replies get forwarded to my email??? I’d respond faster! Also, if I somehow could get an email ping from your blog whenever you actually POSTED an entry, I’d read it faster. Also, I forget who wrote “Howling.” I have it on a mixed CD and can’t find a lyric match on the internet. Gah!

  3. Man, I could probably do another 13 tracks… but I should really do something productive today.


    (This has been your Blog Reminder from your Friendly BlogBot. Thank you. And have a nice day.)

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