A rant that won’t make any sense because it’s cut and pasted from a comment on someone else’s blag.

Because killing and collecting can be fun. That’s why thousands of people play those games.

A lot of the gripes about similarity between classes and general meh-ing of 4E are valid. It’s fun, but it’s a very particular kind of fun, and doesn’t really support any other kind.

Here’s what I’d like to see in my killing and collecting games: a system whereby the characters face greater and greater challenges, which they can overcome not just through increased character power, but primarily through increased player skill. Increased character power is not the only way a character can change, but it is a valid one. But maybe getting *stronger* is less interesting than getting *broader*, and having more options. Knowing how to best use those options only comes through PLAYER experience.

Also, finding a magic item should be 1) Rare, and 2) Freakin’ Awesome. It should not happen every level, or every game, or even every campaign. When I find a magic sword, it should be a major event. And that sword should be 1) A plot device, and 2) Freakin’ Awesome. A +1 vs Undead is not a bonus. I do not give a rip about a 5% or even a 10% bonus against one type of enemy. That’s not a magic item. I want the White Hammer of Aarda to VAPORIZE the undead. And I want Vrrgonath the Dark Lord of Kittens to sit up and take notice and realize he’s got a problem, and set about making my life difficult.

4E is essentially a WoW clone converted for tabletop play. And that’s fine. It does that well. And I’d rather sit around a table with minis and a pizza and my friends than in front of a screen knowing I pay 15$ a month for this experience.

But it’s definitely not the only game I’m gonna have fun playing.

Wow, that was… almost completely incoherent. Sorry ’bout that. There’s a point in there… somewhere. I think. =\


~ by oberon the fool on November 24, 2009.

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