80’s Cartoon Lovefest Part 2

The postapocalyptic setting for this show was fantastic, and really lent itself to a wide variety of scenarios and tropes. Plus, the hero wields a lightsa- er, I mean, sun-sword! How can you go wrong with that?


I still think this show holds up better than most older cartoons. I’ve been playing 4th Edition lately, and now that I watch this again, I’m kind of jealous- I never got hooked up with a level 20 artifact weapon at 1st level. In fact, the 4E rules more or less prohibit it. Lame. Also, in 4E, those weapons would be intelligent, and would probably bail on these chumps after about a week. Still fun to watch, though.


The intro to this one isn’t that exciting, but I loved this show’s unique premise and quirky variants of the standard set of protagonists.


I’m realizing that “standard set” of protagonists shows up in a lot of heroic-ensemble fiction. You’ve usually got some combination of the Luke (plucky male hero with a destiny), the Han (gruff male companion with a shady past), the Leia (strong willed female who can take care of herself, thank you very much), the Chewie (animal or beast companion, sometimes scary (Ookla), sometimes goofy (Niddler)), and the Kenobi (wise mentor, often not part of the main group, but whose advice, planning, or last minute rescue saves the day when the heroes are outmatched).

Hm. I wonder if that’s older than Star Wars… I bet it is.


~ by oberon the fool on November 29, 2009.

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