escapes and escapades

a magician whose stage props were all animate, a la the furniture in the Disney Beauty and the Beast. His show always opened with his stagehands purposefully fumbling setting up, and him pretending to get fed up and just using his “magic” to make everything dance into place, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice…. But it was really just the props themselves doing it. And eventually they started to resent him.


two of a group of young girls escaped from an orphanage, and dove into a lake to escape pursuit. As they swam away, straining to hold their breath so the searchlights would not find them, they transformed into froglike beings.


several sets of criminals, some innocent, some not, had fled to a city where they’d been told they could find asylum. They were welcomed in with a party, at which each was confronted with their crimes and then forced to commit ritual mock suicide with a rigged pistol. This represented the death of the old persona and leaving behind the consequences of the past.


I go searching for the two runaway girls and found that they had come to a marshy area with a stand of tall twisty trees and had evolved further into arboreal amphibians that could live among the boles as well as in the water.


(Clearly, I’ve been playing a lot of BioShock 2 lately.)


I was in a really busy comic shop, it was Wednesday and everyone was there to pick up their orders. While waiting for the line to shorten, I was browsing the racks and saw this new magazine called “Disney Noir”. The covers had things like a topless 2 headed model dressed as Cinderella, a rubenesque model as Jessica Rabbit, and featured burlesque dancers in Disney heroine costumes. It was very dark, very adult, and very bizarre. There were also a lot of books on the shelves with covers I recognized as Colleen Doran’s, that I’d never heard of. This particular scene had an air of deja vu for some reason.


also had a dream in which he invented a game that combined Mille Bornes with Paintball. Damn, I wish to hell I’d written those rules down.


~ by oberon the fool on February 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “escapes and escapades”

  1. So.Many.Dreams. I’m almost envious…except that I’m actually sleeping through the night right now – and not waking up because the people upstairs are howling like wolves. I guess there are trade-offs.

    Mille Bornes and Paintball? That’s crazy! But you’re just the sort of guy who would try to incorporate paintball into any activity. Tea with the Duchess? And paintball!

    Hope you are home safe (possibly wik groceries)!

  2. Yeah, the downside to remembering so many dreams is that it’s because I’m not sleeping well =\ It’s not such a bad trade off when one works an office job, but mine involves considerable danger for the muddle-headed.

    Like locking one’s keys in one’s car, for instance >_<

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