fear, fire, foes, awake!

I was one of a large group of people (maybe 50 of us) who had gotten lost in a parallel dimension where people were conditioned to react to casual interpersonal touch (handshakes, hugs, a tap on the shoulder) with immediate homicidal rage.

We were in some kind of marketplace or public venue, playing board games at several tables, eating and chatting. Some of us were in the open central area, and some were in individual rooms off to the side. I noticed at one point that a hispanic looking guy was watching us, then moved purposefully off into a field of tall grasses or grains where others were working. I followed him cautiously and observed him talking to several other men standing around a sort of short menhir with a map of the area on it, gesturing toward the place we were gathered. I hurriedly made my way back to the group and started going from room to room shouting for attention and saying “We need to go, like RIGHT NOW”, because I knew trouble was on its way.


I was the first superhuman, and was giving a rousing speech to a huge crowd (tens of thousands) about how we as a species could no longer afford to divide ourselves into petty factions, and that it was time to look to the future of our world and its place in the cosmos, as one people. I went on to quote Stan Lee’s famous “With great power must come great responsibility”, followed by my own spin: “As I have more power than any man before me, so it stands to reason that I must therefore take more responsibility than any man has ever had.” I was totally preparing to assume sovereignty over the entire globe. Not surprisingly, the current regime(s) took issue with this, and launched a nuclear warhead at the meeting site, heedless of the fact that uncountable numbers of their own citizens would be vaporized in the attack. Sensing the warhead’s approach, I cut short my speech and launched myself into the air, grasping the shaft of the missile in a bearhug and wrenching it into a spacebound trajectory. Back at the missile guidance station, they noted the change in vector and realized I must be right next to it, and gave the order to detonate immediately. The crowds saw a huge spherical explosion high above, and began fleeing in terror.

Those who kept watching would see a flaming object plummet into the sea several miles away- my unconscious form. My body was a ruin, face and much of the flesh on the front of my body melted away entirely. It would be three weeks or so before I regenerated enough to gain consciousness at the bottom of the ocean, and I would be horribly disfigured … See Moreand dangerously radioactive for several weeks after that. I crawled painfully onto the center of a deserted island and lay there, vegetation and small animals dying in a quarter mile radius around me, while my body healed itself. During these months of recovery, I drifted in and out of consciousness, reevaluating my peaceful plan to help usher humanity into the next great age of prosperity…


~ by oberon the fool on February 20, 2010.

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