Persian Voodoo

Laying in a huge bed, in a huge palatial room, walls composed of floor to ceiling bookshelves crammed with all manner of tomes. Watching video game demos on a huge flatscreen television nestled between the shelves on the opposite wall. Suddenly a door bursts open and a shirtless man stands there brandishing a Persian sabre.

He is dressed like a minion from Prince of Persia, bare chest, poofy hat with a feather sticking straight up, poofy white pants sashed at the waist, and curvy toed shoes. Behind him I can see a vast three dimensional labyrinth of halls, platforms, traps, and magical beacons. Also, a tall, hooded figure with lambent yellow eyes staring out from beneath its cowl. More annoyed than threatened, I reach out and pick the man up in one hand, his body fits in my palm, limbs dangling, like a child’s rag doll. He does not protest as I snatch the sabre from his hand and put it between my teeth. Through experimentation, I discover I can focus on enemies and traps in the environment and manipulate them through the figure, like a sort of voodoo puppet. By cutting him or slamming him into walls or throwing him into traps, I can visit an identical fate upon my foes. He won’t last forever, naturally, so I must find the yellow beacons of magical light to restore his body to health before it deteriorates beyond repair. Should that happen, I would need to best another foe unaided to make a new puppet.

I figure all this out while standing in the doorway of my bedroom. From the opposite side, my brother comes into the room. Diving across the bed, I tuck the doll-man under the bed and the sabre in between some books on the shelf. I nonchalantly chat with my brother about whatever is on the television screen, as if I’ve just been paying attention to that all along.

And then my STUPID ALARM GOES OFF. Dammit. Time to pack >_<


~ by oberon the fool on March 19, 2010.

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