demon succubus
one partner
chattel house to charnel house in 1 easy step.
bound armless giants with huge knives across their shoulders


working at night
terrifying parking lot shenanigans
texting while racing around a crowded lot
miss car, roll & scrape, miss old lady
try to call 911 but no service
men with guns down to tunnel. friends follow


bro & sis
+100lbs muscle mass
sis goes to report
gf is pissed
kicks helpless ass with ubertech
gum faceplate with nano-loogie
stagger out & collapse
mom whacks gf with bat
military grade hardware
2 remotes


spy/fixer/guard for ambassadors
special radio network
sum cute aide acts vaguely incompetent
De Niro working out*


~ by oberon the fool on May 5, 2010.

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