Real Technologies That Should Scare the Crap Out of You.

First, take one of Boston Dynamics‘ unstoppable all-terrain death machines, and equip it with one of The Sentry Project‘s autonomous motion tracking turrets, which can be a machine gun, a flamethrower, or, hell, why not an Active Denial System? And for the final touch, let’s equip it with EATR technology so it can fuel itself by consuming biomass.

All that’s left now is to link a bunch of these puppies together with swarm robotics and satellite tracking, and the fall of humanity is ensured.

None of these technologies are science fiction, they are here NOW. And this is just a smattering of them.

It’s a certainty that even now, someone, somewhere, is working toward the Robopocalypse.


~ by oberon the fool on June 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “Real Technologies That Should Scare the Crap Out of You.”

  1. Nice idea really. Let’s test it in the Muslim World.

  2. I’m sorry, I don’t think I quite take your meaning. Care to elucidate?

  3. It was actually half sarcasm since the systems you listed are less than useful in a direct combat scenario.

    The other half was wishful thinking since it would be effective and efficient to release what you described upon the Civilized World’s Muslim plague.

    I always approve of cost-effective means of permanently solving for a problem. Hence, you provided a pleasant fantasy.

    • Okay, I’m just gonna skip the first part of that reply and focus on the racist part. And by focus I mean repudiate. Every single culture, ethnicity, and faith is made up of people of all stripes and temperaments, and every one of those categories has both atrocities and benevolence in their history. Humanity isn’t always awesome, certainly, but nobody deserves robotic annihilation.

      Except maybe racists.

      • And that is just the attitude that the Islamist vermin are counting on and what makes you part of the problem.

        They started the jihad and it’s up to America to finish it and them. I’d rather do that without spending the lives of any more of our men and women that is absolutely necessary.

        Robotic and/or RC systems seems to be the best way of doing that.

  4. Waaaaaaahhh!!!

  5. For some reason it won’t let me reply to jonolan’s comment directly.

    So let me reply indirectly: You sir, are just as messed up in the head as the people you propose to attack. Terrorism is abhorrent, but you’re misguided if you think it’s only Islamic fundamentalists who engage in it. Look a little closer to home, you’ll find plenty of logs in the eyes of people you might recognize.

    • Yeah, I’ll have to give you that one. Ayer’s and his nest, the Black Panthers, Crips, Bloods, the Hispanic terror gangs, all operated inside the US and none, with the exception partial exception of the Black Panthers, were Islamic.

      • Uh, how about the IRA? The Ku Klux Klan? The Hutaree? All white people, all Christian identified. All terrorists.

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