Dreamed last night that I was a legal proxy for God- one of a few people whom, it had been discovered, could channel the voice of God directly; and were put on the stand in His stead when people wished to take legal action against Him, a phenomenon that occurred with increasing regularity once precedent for this method had been set.

Proxies (as we came to be called) were kept in cells not unlike jail cells, whether to protect us or to protect others from us was never certain. One of the side effects of channeling the Almighty was gradual and total erosion of personality. Another was the inability to sleep or eat. Proxies tended to take considerably longer to waste away than was considered normal for such deprivations, on the order of weeks. But it’s not like they noticed. It was as if the Voice of God had, in passing through them, hollowed them out and left nothing but a pallid, 2-dimensional image of a human being in its wake.


~ by oberon the fool on July 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Proxy.”

  1. I had a bunch of dreams last night…but remember mostly the one where I was able to do Parkour down some stairs. It was my usual “I am trapped in Woodfield Mall, except that it is nothing like Woodfield Mall” dream. I had my usual out of the way escape route that takes FOREVER and a day to actually use. One has to find a particular restaurant/bar and then wind one’s way to the back staircase through a very posh jazz bar (this time). Once I reached the stairs I just wanted to make some time. So I practically flew down them, barely touching before bouncing off again. There were a bunch of thugs hanging out in the lower recesses of the stairwell. They overheard my progress and came out to watch me. I was a little freaked when I saw them initially and slowed down quite a lot. But, then, as I hesitated, they asked me questions, treated me with respect, wanted to know how I’d managed my feats of impossibility. I filled them in, then asked them how to get outside the mall (I was a little lost at that point). They steered me true and as I leapt down the final two cases, I could hear them above me saying, “Man, white girls don’t MOVE like that!” *grin*

  2. Hee. That’s highly amusing. You MOVE like that!

    I have had some strange ones lately too… some I may post about, but most of which have slipped away.

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