15 Albums Meme. Sort of.

There’s a meme going around on Facebook about picking 15 albums that really mean something to you, or whatever. I forget the details, except that you were just supposed to list them off the top of your head.

I dunno about you, but with me, it’s either “I can’t remember more than 3 albums right now”, or “15? That’s it? I could go on for DAYS”.

So I cheated and just gave it a bit of thought and ignored the rest of the instructions because I could give two shits about some stupid Facebook meme.

But I do like music and thinking about music and all that. So here are my 15 albums, in no particular order. Not necessarily my All Time Favorites, just fifteen albums that mean or meant a lot to me for various reasons. There are plenty of others that could go on this list, but I don’t feel like spending more time thinking about it.

Happy now, Nora? =P

Images & Words, Dream Theater
Too High to Die, Meat Puppets
American Thighs, Veruca Salt
Lost & Gone Forever, Guster
Smash, The Offspring
Boingo, Boingo
Mind Fruit, Opus III
Debut, Bjork
Man of La Mancha, 1965 Original Broadway Cast
The Serpent’s Egg, Dead Can Dance
Deep Forest, Deep Forest
Her Majesty, The Decemberists
Cracker, Cracker
Flood, They Might Be Giants
Butterfly, Butterfly


~ by oberon the fool on September 10, 2010.

One Response to “15 Albums Meme. Sort of.”

  1. Yeah, I saw this, too. And tried to ignore it, but found my brain processing it regardless. Flood and Deep Forest were also biggies for me, but I went with some others instead…I wanted not to think too much about other lists I’d seen as I composed mine. INFLUENCE, you know.

    Here it is!

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