Hero’s Banner: Uriel, Victor, and Danica

Played some Hero’s Banner at Games Plus last night. Good times, as always. Tim ran the game, and his friend Dave and Glenda from the RPG Chicago Meetup Group were the other players. We were gonna run with just 2 players but we got lucky and ran into Glenda as she had stopped in after work to see if anything was up and we convinced her to join us.

We started from scratch, no pregens, so we spent the first hour or so developing characters together, riffing off each other’s ideas and finding niches. I ended up with Uriel Selric, a brash young man whose dreams of following in the footsteps of his hero, St. Aubric the Demonslayer were somewhat at odds with the desires of his mother, Guildmistress Airin, that he learn the ways of commerce and profit. Natives of Ryiec, they were visiting the neighboring kingdom of Prodans in an effort to establish trade routes for the profitable spices flowing in from the East. The spice must flow! Uriel’s third influence (characters in Hero’s Banner always have three, a Hero they look up to, demands of the Blood (ie family obligations), and Conscience (the inner voice of their own ideals)) was his dream of some day reuniting with a girl named Magda he’d met in childhood. Of course it had been ten years since he’d seen her, but you know how crushes are. After having some trouble coming up with an idea for my Conscience influence, I deliberately went with a romantic subplot, something I typically avoid. Nobody else had anything like that going on, and most of the other bases (political machinations, religious conflicts, and military endeavors) were being covered by the others. I think that’s also why I ended up making his mother an official in the Merchant’s Guild, because that was one angle nobody else was hitting with their characters.

Speaking of the other characters, Dave decided on a scholarly young man, Victor Stein, whose father was a high ranking general in the army of Prodans, and wanted his son to grow into his military aspirations. Victor, although not an incapable student of the arts of defense, was far more interested in spending his time among parchment and ink than in risking his neck out in the world. Meanwhile, Elder Josef, longtime friend and mentor to Victor, recognized the boy’s talent as a writer, and encouraged him to go out and live life, the better to give him something worthwhile to recount. Victor respects his friend, but feels his time would be better spent transcribing the Book of Ancestors, the holy text of the great church- a task which would still be considered an accomplishment for any man, but which would be much safer, both physically and emotionally. I had originally considered a warrior-scholar/poet, but since Dave seemed to have similar ideas, and it was his first time with the game, I deferred to him. Which is cool because I ended up with something a little out of my comfort zone, but still interesting enough to have fun with.

Glenda, working from a template for a character she’d been writing about, came up with Danica Dinsdale, eldest daughter of the Royal Advisor to the king of Prodans. Her father seemed to recognize her charisma, and had hopes that she could unite the restless lands of the Cross (the vaguely Eastern European light fantasy setting of the game) under one banner. I can’t remember off the top of my head what her other influences were, my brain has decided to stop working until I feed it. @_@


~ by oberon the fool on January 29, 2011.

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