Age of Wonders.

Age of Wonders really, really wants to be Master of Magic. But sadly, it’s not. Oh, sure, the graphics are updated. But somewhere along the way it lost the things that made MoM a delight. Procedurally generated maps. Intuitive interface. Intricate city and resource management. Scads and scads of spells and unit types that were simultaneously utterly generic and fantastically unique. Dual planar conquest. In short, AoW is like MoM’s pretty but vapid older sister.


~ by oberon the fool on February 28, 2011.

One Response to “Age of Wonders.”

  1. Age of Wonders II fixes the crappy interface, vastly improves the graphics, and has all the charm that AoW was missing. I’m a bit disappointed that you only get one spell circle, but the ability to research empire building traits as well as spells makes up for it. The only thing missing is procedural map generation, and it’d be perfect.

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