Ladies Topfree Prison Boxing Club

I was put in charge of organizing a boxing league at an old timey ladies’ prison. The ladies demanded it be “topfree”, as male boxers fought shirtless, they should be allowed to as well. I was dubious, and we set that aside for future consideration.

They decided they wanted posters advertising the bouts, and we had a camera that was, for the time, so high tech nobody could figure out how to use it. After watching my assistant fumble for some time, I grabbed it and took some promotional shots while our contenders took turns posing.

I lined them up in the yard for training and started showing them the basics (which apparently I knew quite a bit about). The ladies were all very enthusiastic, but none moreso than Philomena Bledsoe, who would go on to be our star pugilist when the league started having intramural tournaments.

No doubt this comes from having watched quite a bit of violence perpetrated by females lately, including this little gem:


~ by oberon the fool on March 9, 2011.

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