Reactions to a Dream of Muppet Liberation (not mine).

Well, the reactions are mine, but the dream was not.

The dream was had by the brilliant and eccentrically minded Miss CSE Cooney, and her account of it can be found here on her blag, followed immediately by the delightfully wacky and dark Muppet Liberation Anthem.

These posts immediately put me in mind of two of my favorite things, one audible and one visual.

The first is Brendan Adkins and Stephen Heintz’ fantastically irreverent pseudo-terrestrial-radio-program, The Children’s Hour of Knowledge, which is set in a world where it seems humans and puppets coexist, although it’s never 100% certain what the relationship between them is. It’s a brilliant sendup of 80s style children’s “edutainment” programming, but, contrary to the name, the show is definitely not for children.

The second is the now-defunct Acceptable TV’s lone soaring success (that I know of, anyway), Mr. Sprinkles, which posits a world in which humans and “imaginaries” coexist, but not always in harmony. It’s an obvious parody of The Cat in the Hat, among other things, but it easily stands on its own three-toed feet as a work of dark comedic genius. Also not for children.

aaaand, I can’t get the embed code to work, so just click the Mr. Sprinkles link above =\


~ by oberon the fool on March 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Reactions to a Dream of Muppet Liberation (not mine).”

  1. You LINKED me! I am really excited to see these two shows you speak of. Someone else recc’ed Greg the Bunny. Have you seen?

  2. I have not, but I’ve at least heard of it. There are quite a few “what if muppets were real” shows/plays out there, I’m sure I haven’t even heard of them all.

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