blips on the night radar

porn shop at the mall. or at least a media store that sells adult movies. browsing with a lady friend. store is busy. at least one guy discussing titles with his friend while his two small children whine for his attention. douchebag.

the lady friend wanders away to shop elsewhere while I finish making my selections. passing by a window set high in the wall, I see her looking in. snow covers the ground and frost tinges the window, but I see her clearly, she is somehow short enough to fit in the window. she pulls out a guitar and begins to play. static electricity builds around her and I know the lightning bolt will strike soon, so I move away from the window.

later, part of a deep sea exploration mech platoon. we have found an unknown adversary in the murky depths. they all have beacons on their mechs, making it easy to target them with rockets using our light amplification visors. until they all suddenly flash ultra-high-beam floodlights directly at us, blinding us long enough for them to move into hand to hand range. we are getting murdered. in desperation, I evacuate my mech in a diving suit and take bundles of high explosives to attach to their ankle joints with barnacle glue.


~ by oberon the fool on March 25, 2011.

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