eerie shadows on the wall of sleep

at a show
big stage
woman in 50s housewife drag
guy w/4 long noses in an uneven cluster
goofy music & stupid jokes
platform on a lazy susan
woman to my right goes up to do acro/contortionist act
I can’t watch but voices all around say she’s really good
I comment to the woman to my left (whom I know)
then a parade of figures enter from the aisles
draped head to toe in shimmering red fabric
bound like trees in a christmas lot with gold cord at throat, waist, knees
more red fabric pours down onto the stage like nail polish
I think the performance has just been showjacked by a rival troupe
ALARMALARMALARMALARMALARMfucking hell I hate that thing >_<


~ by oberon the fool on April 12, 2011.

One Response to “eerie shadows on the wall of sleep”

  1. What a sparky night mind you have, my friend.

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