Mechanical Setting Definition (With Pornstars)

Slowly making my way through the posts at Playing D&D With Pornstars. I don’t always agree with Zak’s philosophies or conclusions, but it’d be boring if we all wanted to play the same way, right? On the other hand, he’s a pretty insightful guy and knows his audience, and quite a few of his posts are gems. Here’s one about defining the setting through rules and mechanics rather than flavor text.

I can definitely get behind this sentiment.

Also, this table will make more sense once you’ve read the post:
1. Giggling mantis.
2. The shadow of the party member with the highest Cunning.
3. 1d4 cherubs.
4. Roll on the Local Vegetation Table.
5. A fist sized orichalcum clockwork scarab.
6. Itself.


~ by oberon the fool on April 18, 2011.

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