family matters

At some kind of convention with my mom and my little brother Joel.
I am wearing shabby looking jeans with a hole in one knee, but it’s okay because they are “goldmine pants”, the pockets magically fill with coins as you walk around. I’ve earned 88 gold coins already.
One of the booths has big glass tables being held up by giant playing cards for whatever game they are demoing. At some point the cards start to buckle and the tables are in serious danger of collapsing, spilling everything to the floor.

Mom has a nasty toothache, and I am trying to talk her into going to the doctor immediately even though she wants to put it off. Eventually I think she agrees just to shut me up, she winces in pain every time I raise my voice.

Outside the convention it is winter and a bunch of people have built an epic snow fort and are staging a massive snowball fight. I decide to show off, so I levitate in the air and telekinetically spin a dozen snowballs in a ring around me, intercepting incoming fire. Then I slice the huge, multistory fort apart with invisible planes of force, exposing the combatants. Then I feel like a dick for showing off so I pretend to lose my concentration and let the sheared off roof slide off on top of me.

Later I wake up in the bed in my mom’s house, in the room I used to share with my brother, who is sleeping across from me in his own bed. “How did we get here?” I am wondering, “Did mom go to the hospital?” For some reason I become paranoid that my stepdad and mother-in-law have somehow conspired against my mom. I am in that state of half-sleep where I am aware but paralyzed. I am straining with all my will, fighting for just a sliver of consciousness. I hear my brother in his bed start to whimper and he whispers “Where’s mom?” I push with everything I have and manage to whisper “It’s okay”*

Then I am at the hospital, but mom’s not here. I call her cell phone repeatedly, and someone keeps declining the call. I keep trying and eventually she answers in a whisper.

But before I can find out where she is or what is happening, the cursed alarm goes off.

*I’m not 100% certain, but I think I may have actually experienced this both in the dream and in reality, as I’m pretty sure I heard myself whisper “it’s okay” for real as I struggled to move my body.


~ by oberon the fool on May 7, 2011.

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