I don’t want a pickle.

Bicycle. Pronounced “bye-sickle”. A person why rides a bicycle is a cyclist, pronounced “sy-klist”. The activity they do is called cycling, pronounced “sy-kling”, or just biking, because an abbreviation for bicycle is “bike”. A cyclist is rarely referred to as a biker.

The word bike is also an abbreviation for motorbike, also called a motorcycle, pronounced “motorsykl”, and a person who rides a motorcycle is a “biker”, but never a cyclist.

What the hell, English? This is all completely nonsensical. We need to pick one pronunciation and stick with it across the whole range of related words.

Therefore, henceforth; a bicycle, which is made up of “bi” (2), and “cycle” (around), shall be pronounced “bye-sykl”, to more properly reflect its origins. Proper adjusted terms and pronunciations for the other forms follows.

Bicycle = bye-sykl
Cyclist/Cycling = sy-klist/sy-kling (unchanged)
Bike -> Bice = b-ice
Motorcycle = motor-sy-kl (unchanged)
Motorbike -> Motorbice = motorb-ice

Thank you.


~ by oberon the fool on June 14, 2011.

One Response to “I don’t want a pickle.”

  1. Thus saith the great man Dave, chief of grammar, lord of the 26 Letters, keeper of the Words. HIs attributes are a dictionary and a thesaurus, which double as billyclubs.

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