Fantasy Forgeries.

Here is a cool thing for creative and/or gamer types. Go to this thing, and forge up a set of names, and tell us about them. It will give you 4 names at a time, and there are tools for fiddling with them if you are so inclined, but at the simplest, just click one of the 4 forges (names, monsters, spells, lands) and make something up about the 4 names it spits out. I’ll go first.

Falcon Baths – This is a unique geological formation, a series of pools welling up from the deeps at the foot of a thousand foot crag. The falcons that make their aeries in the crags can often be seen preening themselves in the pools. Their droppings render the waters unfit to drink, but if boiled properly they can be used in tinctures that relieve ague.

Silent Coin – A curious artifact of unknown origin, the Silent Coin appears to be a relic from some kingdom lost to the mists of time. Slightly larger than a copper piece of current mint, and of a strange, slightly purplish metal. The Coin bears the face of a stern, proud faced woman on one side, her hair done up in an elaborate bun, with a circlet on her brow. The obverse side features what appears to be a flower of some sort not familiar to any traveler who has been asked. The Coin would undoubtedly be valuable to a collector of rare things, except for the fact that whomsoever owns the Silent Coin is unable to dream. This seems a small price to pay, but surprisingly, no one is ever willing to pay it for long.

Tyrant Hare
– A creature so rare that most believe it a myth, the Tyrant Hare is said to be a somewhat larger than average jackrabbit bearing antlers similar to those of an antelope, although obviously not as large, or the animal could scarcely hold its head up. The Tyrant Hare is known by many other local monikers, each region having its own particular flavor, adding wings or fangs or other appurtenances to the beast, or granting it ever odder abilities or reagent properties to its parts. The truth of the matter is this- the Tyrant Hare exists. It has bone-like nodules protruding from its head, from one to six inches long. It is highly intelligent, and highly aggressive. If it draws blood from any creature, that creature becomes its slave. It begins slowly, the victim will start to grow painful and unsightly nodules in random spots on its body. As the nodules grow more and larger, the voice of the Tyrant Hare will wax in the creature’s mind, becoming harder to ignore, harder to resist. Most nonsentient beings succumb almost immediately, but strong willed sentients have been known to resist for days, even weeks, taking great pains to hide the deformations spreading across their bodies.

Stellavierre’s Guardian Blade
– A common sort of spell among wizards who cannot afford or do not prefer hiring personal guards, ensorcelling wild beasts, or binding unwholesome spirits to protect them while they work or travel. Stellavierre’s answer was to carefully layer enchantments on a specially prepared weapon she had forged at great expense. The smith’s entire family died of witherwort disease the next season, some say she caused it to protect the secret of the spell. At the very least she did nothing to aid them. At any rate, the Guardian Blade is a plainly wrought dagger, straight bladed, tapered to a point, about a foot long including the leather wrapped handle. Stellavierre wears it tied to her belt at all times, the blade unsheathed. On several occasions, the blade has been seen to leap from its ties to defend her, even when she was not aware she was in danger. It is uncertain what activates the spell, whether it can sense the thoughts of those around its mistress, or merely reacts to overt aggression, but people tend to think happy thoughts when they must be in her presence, and then leave it as quickly as possible.


~ by oberon the fool on August 27, 2011.

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