I have started a wiki for things created using The Forge, with the idea that everything posted there is part of the shared setting of ForgeWorld. So it’s sort of like an encyclopedia of things you might find in ForgeWorld, if that makes sense. That way entries can refer to one another if they want. Or not. It’s all in fun.

Here are some new entries from me.

Tanglewhisper – The Tanglewhisper is a thoroughly impassable riot of leaves, vines, roots, boughs, and murk that stretches from the foothills of the Murder Hulk Mountains to the Serrated Coast. The river Mythglass flows down from the Murder Hulks and spreads into the lowlands to create a wet, hyperverdant environment with very little actual dry land. Mats of vegetation or root systems can be walked on for short distances, but offer treacherous footing at best. The lapping of the stagnant water, the rubbing of branch against branch, the sussuration of vegetation in the wind, all combine to create a constant low white noise, giving the region its name.

Argent Water – Deep within the Tanglewhisper, a traveler might encounter a strange shimmering on the surface of the waters. This is due to an oily residue imparted by submerged white metal, a strange substance that has the feel and properties of porcelain, but can be worked and forged like metal. This is one of the reasons a few brave souls do try to penetrate the Tanglewhisper, as this substance is quite valuable. The Argent Water itself will coat the flesh of anything that is dipped into it, the longer submerged, the more thickly the residue. Those who dig for white metal are easily spotted by the pale crust covering their legs and arms.

Murk Fire – A common name for the wil o’ wisps that sometimes float above the surface of the waters in the Tanglewhisper.


~ by oberon the fool on September 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “ForgeWorld”

  1. Tanglewhisper made me think of tumbleweeds, but instead of being earth-bound, they’d be in the air. Like wandering ephemeral sneezes.

  2. I got to it first =P

    But aerial tumbleweeds sound cool! Unless of course they’re carnivorous…

    You should add more!

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