Working, I climb the stairs to the top floor of a tall office building downtown. It’s a fairly typical cubicle farm, although a bit more labyrinthine than most, and everything is a dark gray that seems to absorb all the light, except for the small red and green LEDs on phones and computers.

I look up to the sky, because it’s not really clear whether the top floor is actually the roof or not, and there is a biplane flying around rather lazily, looping in and out of the clouds. When it’s in clear portions of the sky, it seems to generate its own cloud around itself. It’s not clear if this is meant to be some kind of camouflage or just showoffy like smoke trails, or if the plane is malfunctioning somehow. It doesn’t stop looping around, even when the sky darkens and the clouds roll in, until the sky is the same grey as the cubicle farm.

And now it seems like the inside and the outside are fused together somehow. The plane is now dipping from the grey above into the grey below and then back up, over and over as it toodles about. The plane doesn’t stop being a plane, but somehow I am still imagining it as a whale, swooping between the layers of sky.

Later I have descended back to the street where a couple of guys ask me if this building houses the offices of SEGA. I seem to recall seeing a window sign to that effect, so I point it out, and then realize that is, in fact, where I have just been. Also I have left my clipboard there and need to go back to get it. When I return I realize all the LEDs I remember seeing are actually on various random electronic components laying all over the place. It is more mysterious but less exciting than I had hoped.


~ by oberon the fool on January 12, 2012.

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