Twue Wove

There was a princess who was betrothed to a prince of a rival kingdom. Their fathers had arranged the marriage to seal the centuries old rift between their lands and bring peace at long last to the realm. But she did not love the prince, and she did not understand why her wedding vows should be any part of a political treaty. She fled on unicorn-back to a small independent country in the mountains.

When she was found missing, both kings blamed each other for sabotaging the arrangements. Their diviners and soothsayers revealed the princess’ location to them, and they both raised their armies to march on the small country, which grimly prepared its own soldiers and sorcerers to meet them. The war on two fronts had now become a war on three fronts, and all hope of peace was lost.

The prince, meanwhile, did love the princess, and vowed to rescue her. Telling his father that he was going to claim the princess and bring her back, he took the king’s personal dragonship, a huge vessel crafted from a hollowed out dragon, rigged with sails woven from the wings of pixies so it could traverse the clouds. With this swift conveyance he did indeed reach her in her mountain fastness while the invading armies were stalled at the border by the small country’s defenses. He confessed his love and she saw he was brave and true.

Together, he on his charger and she on her unicorn, they boarded the dragonship and set sail for the horizon, leaving their responsibilities behind them, their fathers to weep and gnash their teeth, and the peace of three lands to be sacrificed on the altar of their love.


~ by oberon the fool on February 24, 2012.

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