Went outside the other night near dusk. The stars were out in unusual force, this being the day of the year when the atmosphere is at its most transparent, and even in the gloaming the sky was already spreading its glittering panoply far and wide.

Looking up to admire them, I saw something amazing. A small aircraft equipped with skywriting apparatus was somehow tracing the constellations with smoke trails! I can only assume the pilot had some kind of sophisticated GPS guiding them, but however they did it, the effect was amazing. The air was still and clear and the traceries hung there between heaven and earth like a heads-up-display for the cosmos. It was quite breathtaking.

The next day I was driving past a nearby park and chanced to look up. The day was cloudy, but in between the clouds and trees I caught glimpses of formations that seemed impossible to me. Getting out I made my way into the park for a better view. The pilot was back, laying intricate lines of smoke in three dimensions, forming amazing sky-sculptures. Geometric designs of all sorts were scattered among the drifting clouds. Then I saw the piece de resistance, a huge floating island rendered in smoke, it’s odd cubic angles seeming strangely familiar, until it hit me that it looked like something from Minecraft. I don’t see how this could have been accomplished with a stamdard smoke emitter, and unfortunately I had come to late to witness its actual creation, so I can only guess that the pilot had some method of sculpting the very cloudstuff with his craft.

I am only too distressed that I hadn’t a camera with me on either occasion. You’ll just have to take my word for it.


~ by oberon the fool on April 22, 2012.

6 Responses to “Skysculpting”

  1. “Gloaming” always makes me think of that painting by Maxfield Parrish with the glowing orange lanterns. This one:–The_Lantern-Bearers,_1908.jpg

    I bet the dream smoke constellations were beautiful.

  2. They were!

  3. Hm… I think my next calendar might have to be Maxfield Parrish… you might need to remind me some time in December. You’ll remember that, right?

  4. Of course.

  5. Actually…

  6. Delightful, as always, sir! (It was the Minecraft reference that really hooked me.) ^_^;

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