Evolution of the Ten Word Story Chain Experiment

Facebook has not been kind to them, so I have moved them to Google Plus, we’ll see how that goes. But for posterity, here are the first two chains, as far as they got. They were quite promising,.,, perhaps I’ll resurrect them somehow once I have all the kinks ironed out of the process.

Ten Word Story Chain Experiment!
1. Ten words at a time. Short words (a, the, it, etc) count, so make ’em tight.
2. Don’t go twice in a row.
3. Don’t troll the thread.
4. Have fun!

The report of the gun was like thunder as she

struggled to hold the package in the blinding rain, dodging

cars as she swerved the bike from side to side.

‎”STOP HER!” shouted McEarney, fumbling to reload the revolver with

the bullets she had given him earlier. His tears were

unnoticeable, mixed with rain, but they angered him anyway. Finally

the bike flew off of the voidwall, into nothing. She

knew a moment of panic before the repulsors kicked in,

keeping her cohesive, conscious. “We can’t go after her, Mac.

Not on foot,” his long-time partner said. “Maybe it’s

best if we give up on her.” McEarney screamed at

her for awhile. Bernadette let him. She knew how he

felt. She also lost someone dear to the insidious disease

That was eating his insides. The pain barely controlled by

a risky mix of pills, alcohol, and vengeance. Still, they

let him do his job… and this. “Send a dog.”

‎’Yes’ McEarney mulled. He, now exhausted and physically numb from

‎36 hours of constant movement, longed for nothing more than

a drink and a happy ending. but first, there was

the matter of unsealing the letter he found on the

bloody corpse, back in the warehouse. He hoped it would

Give him a clue, so he could finally find the

source of the mysterious packages that were causing so much

Ten Word Story Chain Experiment, Take 2!
1. Ten words at a time. Short words (a, the, it, etc) count, so make ’em tight.
2. Let 2 people go before posting again.
3. Don’t troll the thread.
4. Plot twists or unexpected details are okay, but try to keep the feel consistent.
5. Edit for spelling, consistency, and length before posting, plz.
6. Make sure nobody has posted since you started typing before hitting POST!
7. Enjoy!

Erlich gasped as the stones settled across the cleromancer’s tableau,

foretelling which girl the young prince would have to marry.

The stones must be wrong, he held his face, this

can’t be right. Maybe I still have time to tell

Mother I love someone, prince Erlich thought moodily; but then

he noticed, there among the stones, a small white pebble,

and his gaze could not be drawn from it. “What

does this one portend, Seer Dario?” His voice was tremulous

fearing the worst. “Well, Highness, the white symbolizes purity of

blood, but see there, how the stone is cracked?” Dario

continued, the prince sitting wide eyed, “foretelling the wound caused


Chains 3 and 4 are currently live on Google+. Chain 4 and all future chains will be tagged #TenWordStoryChain, and “#10WSCX” where X is the current chain. Chain 3 is untagged, you’ll just have to find me to find it.


~ by oberon the fool on April 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Evolution of the Ten Word Story Chain Experiment”

  1. It occurs to me I could have used #XWSCn as a tag… maybe I’ll go back and do that, cuz it’s cooler.

  2. This is wonderful, and I envy your friends! ^_^b

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