Shuffle Ten

Just for fun, hit Shuffle on whatever your favorite music device is and list the first ten songs that come up here. Commentary optional but encouraged. No cheating! (but if you only want to do five songs that’s fine too, I know you’re busy).

1. The Soft Goodbye / Celtic Woman … never heard this one before. It was… a bit boring.

2. Space Dog / Under the Pink / Tori Amos … Good stuff. Not a Tori Amos track I’m familiar with, but decent. Cool bassline.

3. Hope / Cult / Apocalyptica … One of my favorite Apoc tracks.

4. Oblivion / The Bear Necessities / Benjamin Bear … Don’t think I’d heard this one before. It’s okay. Kind of a Depeche Mode wannabe sorta thing maybe. Benjamin Bear is one of those artists I only like some of his work. This isn’t going on my favorites list any time soon. But I’m probably not deleting it, either, which I’ve done with some of his stuff.

5. Whip It / The Big 80s / Devo … Do I even have to say anything? A classic.

6. Tom Dooley / Suspense … okay, I wasn’t expecting a radio play. I’m gonna skip ahead, but these are generally pretty good- at least the ones I’ve downloaded- I let the blog pick the good ones out for me.

7. Beautiful / Hotel / Moby … Another one I don’t think I’ve ever listened to (yeah, I have a lot of music I haven’t gotten around to hearing yet). It’s okay. Moby has some fun tracks but this one’s not super memorable. Not bad, just not one of his hits.

8. Tongue Tied / Eve 6 / Eve 6 … Ditto for this one. I like some Eve 6 songs, which is why I got the album, but this isn’t one of the ones I specifically wanted. It’s not bad, and definitely has their trademark style. I dunno if I’d listen to an entire Eve 6 album in one go, I think it’d get a bit repetitive, but I do like them.

9. Eh, Eh / The Fame / Lady Gaga … Same goes for this one- getting a lot of unknown tracks this run. I think I may have heard this one, I listened to the whole album when I got it, but again, this isn’t one of the hits. I’m really disappointed in how Lady Gaga went from only sorta kinda copping Madonna to completely and shamelessly ripping her off.

10. Renaissance Affair / Blue Wonder Power Milk / Hooverphonic … Finally we get a track I love… but then I love this entire album to pieces, I’ve listened to it countless times. Everything Hoover does is awesome, at least based on the 2 albums I have. I should really get some more…

That’s it for this go ’round. What’re yours?


~ by oberon the fool on July 8, 2012.

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