Dearly Held

Bizarre dreams last night. Something about a slumber party with Dweign Starby, our old class president Dave Holbrook, and Wil Wheaton, at my mom’s house, in which I got Dave to run D&D for us, using a handful of random old school books and folios I found in a milk crate in the closet of my old bedroom. He did a fair job, with a bit of coaching. There was a swamp cave, a thief with a cloak that let him hide in light (rather than shadows), a druid who placed his palm to the ground and sensed all the enemies in the area (although it tipped their shaman off as well), and then he polymorphed into a squid and sunk into the swamp to hide from the robots(!!) that suddenly rose from the muck. At one point Wil turned to me and said “I’m waiting for him to ruin your dearly held character concept by forcing you to fail a saving throw.”

Later I rode a strange mutant pygmy elephant in a parade- the poor creature was microcephalic and had no ears or trunk, just a horrible little birdlike grey head with soft pointy lips. Somehow it got lost while I was doing the dishes(??) and I was very sad.


~ by oberon the fool on September 4, 2012.

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