Gnolls make good gaolers, and demon babies are horrible.

Dreamed last night about a suburban prison run by gnolls. The prisoners were allowed to move about freely in the suburb during the day, because if they transgressed or tried to escape, the gnolls would hunt them down by scent and eat them on the spot. The system worked quite well.

Also there was a baby that turned into a demon-baby, it was about 5′ tall but still had baby proportions, fangs and claws and batwings, and dark red skin covered with winking baby blue eyes. It could only speak about as well as a 1 year old, and pleaded with us to light it on fire because that was the only way to kill it and end its miserable existence. Or at least that’s what we assumed from “MAKE STOP! DO IT WITH FIRE!” and trying to claw it’s own skin-eyes out. Of course once we doused it with gasoline and set it ablaze we belatedly realized this was only to aid in its metamorphosis into a monstrous insectile creature. Fortunately for us the giant beetle/mantis thing sprang away over the rooftops to do battle with its invading brethren. So, maybe it was on our side? Or maybe it just really hated its siblings. Or maybe it was defending its food source. We may never know.


~ by oberon the fool on October 26, 2013.

11 Responses to “Gnolls make good gaolers, and demon babies are horrible.”

  1. You’ve been dreaming a lot about demon babies recently. Is this the same demon baby that we were trying to raise? Or a different one? Red skin seems different. I think I asked if the other one had green skin and you said no. Battle insect! I do not know exactly what gnolls are.

  2. I don’t remember the other demon baby dream, so I assume this was a new one. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? =P

    Gnolls are anthropomorphic hyaena monsters that eat the flesh of the dead. They are, of course, not above causing the deadness themselves.

  3. You are going to reproduce and make demons? Practice safe sex!

    I think I would rather have mantids than gnolls.

  4. You are probably going to get your wish.

  5. What’s with all of the mantid prognosticating?

  6. Have you forgotten that I am the Harbinger of Wootabix the Plague God?

  7. Wootabix was a grasshopper/locust. Not a mantis.

  8. I’m sorry. IS a grasshopper/locust. All Hail Wootabix.

  9. Wootabix is lord of all pestilence and plague. Mantids have long been his servants and messengers. You have forgotten the summers past when they bore me his tidings from the Beyond!

  10. I think you were beset by cicadas more than anything else. I brought my mantis back inside this evening. It is climbing the blinds in the mudroom. I think it likes me. Maybe. It hasn’t tried to saw my nose off with it’s slashy arms, so I’m taking that as a sign of affection.

  11. Yes, lots of cicadas. Who are also beloved of Lord Wootabix.

    It is lulling you into a false sense of security.

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